Only four days into the new year and the first resolution for 2009 is already accomplished: is live to the world!  This site will not only become the portal for a number of language services, but we are planning for it to be a space for learning about what web 2.0 can do to help us learn and teach languages.

So what can you expect if you come back to the blog?

If you’re a learner of English you can find tips on improving your reading, writing, listening and speaking, and my favourite aspects of language learning: grammar and vocabulary development.  It’s amazing the free tools that are out there to help us.

If you’re a language teacher you can follow my adventures as a face-to-face EFL teacher translating his skills to the live online environment.

You can find out a little more about who I am in the about page.  logo_simon

Why don’t you subscribe to my feed?  If you haven’t got into using a feedreader yet, it’s really time to start.  It’s the only way of keeping yourself from Internet information overload.  I use Google Reader, but there are many other options. is still in beta (isn’t everything?), and as I find my rhythm for posting new material, I won’t bombard you with too much information.

This site is also available in French, although there are a few more bugs in the French version that I’ll be working out over the next few days.

Thanks for your visit – stay tuned.

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