Revise your prepositions with René Magritte

Skill: Grammar Theme: Prepositions
Level: Elementary – Pre-intermediate (A2 – B1)

René Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist, well-known for his clever, though-provoking images. His works challenge our perception of reality.

Many of his works are now exhibited in the Magritte Museum in Brussels. For more information see here.

One very useful thing about Magritte’s images is that they are great for helping us revise prepositions.  Let’s take a virtual tour of some of the more famous works, and see how many English prepositions we can use to describe them.

La grande famille - Magritte

La grande famille – Magritte

The bird is hovering over the water.

We see the clouds through the dove.

Le fils de l'homme - Margritte

Le fils de l’homme – Magritte

There is an apple in front of the man’s face.

The man is standing in front of the wall.

The man is standing behind the apple.

There is a hat on the man’s head.

La reproduction interdite - Magritte

La reproduction interdite – Magritte

The back of the man is reflected in the mirror.

There is a book on the mantlepiece, to the right of the man.

Unknown title - Magritte

Unknown title – Magritte

The man is standing beside the curtain, on the left.

There is an apple on top of his hat.

Now it’s your turn.

What prepositions could you use to describe the position of the objects you see in the following paintings?  For example: through, on, between, beside, in front of, out of, in the centre, against, to/on the left/right, on top of, inside, over, under etc.

Use the comments field below to write your sentences.
La durée poignardée - Magritte

1. La durée poignardée – Magritte










Les valeurs personnelles - Magritte

2. Les valeurs personnelles – Magritte










Les valeurs personnelles - Magritte

3. Unknown title – Magritte

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