noam-chomskyTwo live online events this week that are well worth watching, both very different.

The first is a Virtual Round Table with Noam Chomsky, who doesn’t require any introduction.  Lancelot School is now offering a series called « Virtual Round Table On Demand » for live online discussion with renowned authors.  This session with Mr Chomsky will be the first.

Seats in the virtual room are very limited, and already taken.  However there is unlimited space in the « overspill room » which will be hosted in Instant Presenter.  The event will be held at 21.00 CET, Tuesday February 17. More information and details about how to enter the session can be had on the Lancelot School site.

The other session will take the form of a debate on the subject Are online profiles safe? This will be hosted by members of the Digifolios EVO09 workshop, facilitated by Nellie Deutsch.  The session will be run in WiZiQ, and held at 21.00 CET, Wednesday February 18.

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